Board of Directors

2019 Board of Directors and their titles.

  • Keith Sonnenberg, President
  • Tom Kleven, Vice President
  • Shawn Eckert, Treasurer/Secretary
  • Dustin Dahring, Director
  • Anastasia Mickelson, Director
  • Brant Bigger, Director
  • Sharon Leegard, Director
  • Matt Moore, Director
  • DeWayne Myhre, Director
  • Travis Schauer, Director
  • Jeremy Sonnenberg, Director
  • Mike Ulmer, Director
  • Roger Winter, Director
  • Jen Hoben, Director
  • Aaron Willie, Director

If you have any questions regarding the upcoming 2019 Becker County Fair, please feel free to contact the Fair Manager, Keith Sonnenberg, at (218) 847-5490.