Fine Arts & Crafts


Premiums $3.00 – $2.00 – $1.00
Grand and Reserve Grand Champion Ribbons (no premium) will be handed out to the top two entries in each class.

Classes will be available for children and adults. 4-Hers may also enter items in this division.

  1. Each entry must be amateur work, made by the exhibitor.
  2. Each entry must have been made since August of the proceeding year.
  3. Exhibit in age group, as specified. May not enter in more than one class
  4. All wall hangings/pictures must have hangers attached, or will not be entered or judged.
  5. All photos must not exceed 5″x 7″. They must be mounted and matted with no frames.
  6. Art exhibits will have judging emphasis placed on originality and craft exhibits will emphasize workmanship.
  7. Projects can only be entered for one year. Once a project has been entered at the Becker County Fair and awarded a ribbon it should not be entered again another year.
  8. You can enter up to 2 entries per lot. All exhibits must be entered between Tuesday, July 25th from 5 p.m. to 8 p.m. and Wednesday, July 26th from 8 am- 1 pm

Class 1 –  Ages 10 and under
Class 2 – Ages 11-18
Class 3 – Ages 18-35
Class 4 – Ages 35-50
Class 5 – Ages 50+ (not eligible for class 6)
Class 6 – Nursing home / Group home residents (any age)

Shop. *Lego entries need to come in a small, short-sided box ( small enough to fit in show case), so items can be moved around and not damaged.

Lot 1. Model building. no working engines allowed on models
Lot 2. Legos. no kits
Lot 3. K’Nex. no kits
Lot 4. Hand carved article
Lot 5. Wood burning
Lot 6. Jigsaw article
Lot 7. Woodworking article-hand carving article/chip carving/woodturning
Lot 8. Metalworking: metal article
Lot 9. Metalworking: forged article
Lot 10. Bird Houses
Lot 11.  Clocks – of any kind
Lot 12. Miscellaneous other than listed above

ALL art work must be placed on poster board and ready to hang

Lot 13.  String Art-Any kind
Lot 14. Pencil sketch, one color
Lot 15. Pencil sketch, colored
Lot 16. Pencil and Ink drawing
Lot 17. Marker picture
Lot 18. Crayon picture
Lot 19.  Melted Crayon picture
Lot 20.  Dry medium artwork, charcoal
Lot 21.  Dry medium artwork, chalks
Lot 22.  Dry medium artwork, pastels
Lot 23.  Wet medium artwork. acrylic
Lot 24. Wet medium artwork. watercolors
Lot 25. Wet medium artwork. oil
Lot 26. Mixed media
Lot 27.  Scratch art
Lot 28.  Chalk art
Lot 29.  Construction paper artwork
Lot 30.  Clay sculpture
Lot 31.  Fimo sculpture
Lot 32.  Bread dough sculpture
Lot 33.  Pottery
Lot 34.  Tempera Paint Artwork
Lot 35.  Miscellaneous other than listed above 

Craft Items:
Lot 36. Playdough figures
Lot 37. Recycled article
Lot 38. Christmas décor., any kind
Lot 39. Book- Story or Poem
Lot 40. Rubber stamp/embossing stencil art
Lot 41. Wall hanging, wood
Lot 42. Wall hanging, cloth
Lot 43.  Silk flower arrangement
Lot 44. Beadwork. traditional
Lot 45. Beadwork. craft beading
Lot 46.  Jewelry
Lot 47. Ceramic article- Any Kind
Lot 48.  Rosemaling
Lot 49. Tole painting
Lot 50. Glass etching
Lot 51.  Stained glass
Lot 52. Origami. paper folding
Lot 53. Scrapbooking
Lot 54.  Loom Banding
Lot 55. Fishing Category (poles, lures, etc.)
Lot 56.  Fairy garden
Lot 57.  Folk Art
Lot 58. Miscellaneous other than listed above

Only two per lot, if more are brought in, you will NOT be able to enter it in miscellaneous categories.


PHOTOS NOT FOLLOWING RULES WILL NOT BE JUDGED. All photos must not exceed 5″x7″, mounted & matted, no frame for judging. Any not following these rules will not be accepted for judging or display.

Lot 60. Photo: people
Lot 61. Photo: animals
Lot 62. Photo: birds
Lot 63. Photo: insects
Lot 64. Photo: landscape
Lot 65. Photo: nature. flowers & plants
Lot 66. Photo: buildings, machinery & cars
Lot 67. Photo: black and white
Lot 68. Photo: computer-enhanced
Lot 69. Photo: still life, abstracts, designs
Lot 70. Photo: night imagery, time exposure
Lot 71. Photo album
Lot 72. Photo collage to tell a story
Lot 73. Photo: transportation

Only two may be entered per lot, if more are brought in, you will NOT be able to enter them.