Flower Department


Superintendent: Bev Buschette

Entry hours are from TuesdayJuly 25th from 5 pm to 8 pm and WednesdayJuly 26th from 8 am to 1 pm. Judging starts at 2 pm. You are invited to watch the judging and quietly listen to the comments.

  1.  All flowers must be grown and entered by the exhibitor, including flowers used in arrangements. Make sure you enter the number of specimens requested. Containers can be supplied for all cut flowers, but containers and accessories for arrangements must be provided by the exhibitor. If you would like to bring your own container for your cut flowers it must be a clear glass vase. There is no limit to the number of entries.
  2. For the best display, condition all flowers. Cut your flowers early in the morning using a sharp knife, cut on a slant, place immediately in warm water, and place in a cool area away from any drafts to harden. Cut stems as long as possible, leaving foliage for a natural effect, but remove all foliage that will be below the water line on the container. Stems with sticky sap should be singed on the cut edge or sealed by placing the lower end of the stem in boiling water for 1-2 minutes. Woody stems should be crushed to increase water intake during display. All horticulture specimens must be grown by the exhibitor and houseplants, hanging baskets, terrariums, and dish gardens must be in the exhibitor’s possession for at least three months.
  3. Cut flowers should be uniform in size, shape, and color. Remove soil, bruised leaves, and petals, or any sign of disease or insect damage. Please label plants and give varieties if possible.
  4. Glads should be straight of stem showing 1/3 open, 1/3 showing color, and 1/3 buds. The use of a prop to hold larger flowers upright makes for a better exhibit.
  5. May enter up to 2 entries per lot. Grand Champion Ribbons will be awarded to the top exhibit in each Class. These ribbons will be furnished by the Lake Region Garden Club. Country Fields Greenhouse, Detroit Lakes, will give a $15.00 gift certificate to the winner of the Sweepstakes Award. Two points for a white ribbon, three points for a red ribbon, five points for a blue ribbon, ten points for a Champion ribbon. Lake Region Garden Club will also give a $15.00 gift certificate for the Lake Region Garden Club’s Memorial Award.  This year’s flower (2023)  is – Best Terrarium !!
  6. An exhibitor may enter more than one horticultural specimen in a single class, provided each entry is of a different named variety.
  7. The use of wildflowers listed as protected in the state of MN is prohibited. Included are Lady Slipper, Trillium, Arbutus, Lotus, Gentian, and Wild Lily. If the judge discovers a protected plant or plant parts inadvertently displayed, the judge must notify the fairboard and the exhibit must be removed from public display.
  8. Noxious weeds are not to be used. There are ten plants declared noxious weeds according to the Agronomy Services Division of the MDA: Field Bindweed, Hemp, Purple Loosestrife, Poison Ivy, Canadian Thistle, Musk Thistle, Plumeless Thistle.
  9. Prepare your designs and other exhibits before you arrive at the show so only a minimum amount of time is needed in the work area.
  10. If you want to recycle your ribbons, please leave them after the show with show superintendents or at the fair office.

Premiums – 1st $3.00 – 2nd $2.00 – 3rd $1.00
Grand & Reserve Ribbons (no premium) will be handed out to the top two entries in each class.


Three stems to be shown except when stated otherwise in parenthesis.            Must use lots as listed
Lot 1. Ageratum (1)
Lot 2. Amaranths (1)
Lot 3. Asters
Lot 4. Bachelor Buttons
Lot 5. Bells of Ireland (1)
Lot 6. Calendulas
Lot 7. Candytufts
Lot 8. Canterbury Bells (1)
Lot 9. Celosia Plumbed (1)
Lot 10. Celosia, Crested (1)
Lot 11. Cleome (1)
Lot 12. Cosmos, any color
Lot 13. Cosmos, orange
Lot 14. Dianthus
Lot 15. Dusty Miller (3)
Lot 16. Euphorbia (3)
Lot 17. Helichrysum (strawflowers)
Lot 18. Kale, ornamental (1 specimen)
Lot 19. Lavatera (1 stem)
Lot 20. Lisianthus (1)
Lot 21. Marigold, over 3″
Lot 22. Marigold, 1 1/2 to 3″
Lot 23. Marigold, under 1 1/2″
Lot 24. Marigold, variegated
Lot 25. Monarda, annual
Lot 26. Nasturtiums
Lot 27. Nicotiana (1)
Lot 28. Pansy, 1 color
Lot 29. Pansy, mixed colors
Lot 30. Petunias, double
Lot 31. Petunias, single
Lot 32. Salvia
Lot 33. Scabiosa
Lot 34. Snapdragon
Lot 35. Statice (1)
Lot 36. Sunflower (1)
Lot 37. Sweet Peas,
Lot 38. Tithonia
Lot 39. Verbena
Lot 40. Zinnia, under 4″
Lot 41. Zinnia, 4″ or larger (1)
Lot 42. Zinnia, cactus
Lot 43. Zinnia, pompom
Lot 44. Any other annual not listed

Three stems to be shown except when stated otherwise

Lot 1. Achillea, yarrow (1)
Lot 2. Asclepias, butterfly weed
Lot 3. Canna, flower (1)
Lot 4. Canna, foliage (1)
Lot 5. Calla Lilly (1)
Lot 6. Centaurea, cornflower, or bachelor buttons (2)
Lot 7. Chinese Lantern
Lot 8. Chrysanthemum, (1)
Lot 9. Coreopsis
Lot 10. Daisy
Lot 11. Delphinium (1)
Lot 12. Dianthus
Lot 13. Echinacea, coneflower
Lot 14. Echinops, globe thistle
Lot 15. Gaillardia
Lot 16. Golden glow
Lot 17. Gypsophila, baby’s breath (1 spray)
Lot 18. Clematis
Lot 19. Helianthus
Lot 20. Hemerocallis, daylily (1) white
Lot 21. Hemerocallis, daylily (1) peach
Lot 22. Hemerocallis, daylily (1) pink
Lot 23. Hemerocallis, daylily (1) orange
Lot 24. Hemerocallis, daylily (1) red
Lot 25. Hemerocallis, daylily (1) yellow
Lot 26. Hemerocallis, daylily (1) purple
Lot 27. Hemerocallis, daylily (1) Miniature or small
Lot 28. Hemerocallis, daylily(1) Spider daylilies
Lot 29. Hemerocallis, daylily(1) bi-color or blends
Lot 30. Heuchera, coral bells. flowers
Lot 31. Heuchera, coral bells. foliage 12″
Lot 32. Hosta, large leaf (1) 8″ wide
Lot 33. Hosta, medium leaf (1) 5″-8″ wide
Lot 34. Hosta, small leaf (1) 3″-5″ wide
Lot 35. Hosta, miniature leaf (1)
Lot 36. Hosta, blooms (3)
Lot 37. Hydrangea (1) white
Lot 38- Hydrangea (1) blue
Lot 39. Hydrangea (1) any other color
Lot 40. Liatris (1)
Lot 41. Lily (1) Asiatic, White
Lot 42. Lily (1) Asiatic, Yellow
Lot 43. Lily (1) Asiatic, Orange
Lot 44. Lily (1) Asiatic, Pink
Lot 45. Lily (1) Asiatic, Purple
Lot 46. Lily (1) Asiatic, Red
Lot 47. Lily (1) Asiatic, Bi-colored, or blend
Lot 48. Lily (1) Asiatic, any other color
Lot 49. Lily (1) Trumpet
Lot 50. Lily (1) Oriental, White
Lot 51. Lily (1) Oriental, Yellow
Lot 52. Lily (1) Oriental, Pink
Lot 53. Lily (1) Oriental, Bi-colored or Blend
Lot 54. Lily (1) Tiger
Lot 55. Lily(1) Other
Lot 56. Lupine
Lot 57. Monarda (Bee Balm) (2)
Lot 58. Ornamental grasses, under 3 ‘
Lot 59. Perovskia, Russian Sage (1)
Lot 60. Phlox (1)
Lot 61. Platycodon, balloon flower (1)
Lot 62. Rudbeckia
Lot 63. Salvia
Lot 64. Scabiosa, pincushion flower
Lot 65. Sedum, Upright
Lot 66. Sedum, Low Sprawling
Lot 67. Statice (1)
Lot 68. Sweet peas
Lot 69. Sweet William
Lot 70. Veronica
Lot 71. Any other not mentioned
Lot 72. Collection of wildflowers, 1 each of 5 varieties



One spike to be shown. Staging is recommended to hold glad straight in bottle. Use lots as listed. Exhibitor must decide lot color.

Lot 1. White
Lot 2. Yellow
Lot 3. Red
Lot 4. Rose
Lot 5. Pink
Lot 6. Salmon
Lot 7. Orange
Lot 8. Lavender
Lot 9. Purple
Lot 10. Smokey
Lot 11. Green
Lot 12. Bi-color (2 separate colors)
Lot 13. Blends (same color, shades of)
Lot 14. Any other glad not listed
Lot 15. Collection, 1 each of 3 colors


One stem to be shown unless otherwise listed

Lot 1. White
Lot 2. Pink
Lot 3. Yellow
Lot 4. Red
Lot 5. Orange
Lot 6. Peach
Lot 7. Rose
Lot 8. Blends, dark
Lot 9. Blends, light
Lot 10. Any color not listed
Lot 11. Shrub rose
Lot 12. Miniature rose
Lot 13. Rugosa



One bloom to be shown

Cactus Dahlia
Lot 1. Giant, 8″ or larger
Lot 2. Medium, 4. 8″
Lot 3. Under 4″

Decorative Dahlia
Lot 4. Giant, 8″ or larger
Lot 5. Medium, 4. 8″
Lot 6. Under 4″

Ball Dahlia
Lot 7. Any size Ball Dahlia

Pompom Dahlia
Lot 8. Any size Pompom Dahlia

Collarette Dahlia
Lot 9. Any size Collarette Dahlia

Orchid Dahlia
Lot 10. Orchid Dahlia

Peony Dahlia
Lot 11. Peony Dahlia

Collection of Three Colors – one stem each
Lot 12. Cactus Dahlia
Lot 13. Decorative Dahlia
Lot 14. Ball Dahlia
Lot 15. Pompom Dahlia
Lot 16. Collarette Dahlia



All potted plants must have been in possession of the exhibitor for at least three months and grown in the exhibiting container. Plants having signs of disease or insects will not be allowed in the competition.

Lot 1. Aloe Vera
Lot 2. Amaryllis
Lot 3. African Violet, single
Lot 4. African Violet, double
Lot 5. Baby tears
Lot 6. Begonia, fibrous or tuberous
Lot 7. Begonia, Rex
Lot 8. Bromeliad
Lot 9. Cacti
Lot 10. Christmas Cactus
Lot 11. Coleus
Lot 12. Dieffenbachia
Lot 13. Fern
Lot 14. Ficus
Lot 15. Fuchsia
Lot 16. Geranium
Lot 17. Trailing Geranium
Lot 18. Gloxinia
Lot 19. Hoya
Lot 20. Impatiens
Lot 21. New Guinea Impatiens
Lot 22. Ivy
Lot 23. Jade
Lot 24. Norfolk Pine
Lot 25. Sansevieria
Lot 26. Spider plant
Lot 27. Succulent
Lot 28. Terrarium
Lot 29. Patio planter, 2 or more plants
Lot 30. Any hanging plant not listed
Lot 31. Most unusual plant not listed
Lot 32. Any other plant not listed


Premiums: 1st $3.00. 2nd $2.00. 3rd $1.00

Figurines and accessories may be used in all arrangements as desired. Dried materials may be used where indicated or in interpretive arrangements. Please bring your own containers and these entries must be set up by the exhibitor. All flowers must be grown and entered by the exhibitor used in arrangements. Remember. not responsible for lost accessories. Be sure your design is well watered.


Lot 1. Lonely Little Petunias
Lot 2. Daisies Don’t Tell
Lot 3. May Basket

CLASS 8 – YOUTH 10-18

Lot 1. Grandma’s Kitchen (using fresh flowers and kitchen articles)
Lot 2. Green Grass of Home (using shades of green and white)
Lot 3. Harvest Time (may use dried materials with fresh flowers)

CLASS 9 – Adult (19+) Novice, has won less than 4 blue ribbons on arrangements

Lot 1. My Garden Path (mixed flowers and colors)
Lot 2. Playing Favorites (using one variety of flower)
Lot 3. The Children’s Hour (using yellows and whites)
Lot 4. Dining Table Arrangement (interpretive)

CLASS 10 – Adult (19+) Advanced, has won 4 or more blue ribbons on arrangements

Lot 1. Rain Drops (using fresh flowers, stones, wood)
Lot 2. A Time of Silence (Dried materials may be used with fresh flowers)
Lot 3. Faith & Light (Using white and candles)
Lot 4. Anniversary Dinner (interpretive)                                                                                    Lot 5. Homeland (Ethnic, your choice)

We cannot record each individual’s blue ribbons. Please keep records yourself, if you’re a novice or advanced.