Committee Assignments

2023-2024 FAIR BOARD COMMITTEE ASSIGNMENTS  (As of 11/28/23)

Executive Committee: Travis Schauer, Matt Moore, Karla Lindquist

*Committee Chairperson is the First Person on Each List (In Bold)

Fair Manager: Travis Schauer


4-H Activities: Andy Kelly, Brant Bigger, Casey Christensen, Kurt Hoban, Tony Mitchell, Matt Moore

Demo Derby: Matt Moore & Travis Schauer, Casey Christensen, Tony Mitchell, Jeremy Sonnenberg, Aaron Willie

Livestock & Livestock Barn: DeWayne Myhre, Casey Christensen, Kurt Hoban, Andy Kelly, Tony Mitchell,  Jeremy Sonnenberg, Mike Ullmer

Horse & Horse Barn: Casey Christensen, Brant Bigger, Kurt Hoban, Steve Splonskowski

Poultry & Rabbit Barn: Mike Ullmer, Casey Christensen, Travis Schauer, Aaron Willie

Exhibit Building: Karla Lindquist, Brant Bigger, Sharon Leegard,

Gates, Crowd Control, Parking & Parking Safety, & Grounds: DeWayne Myhre, Brant Bigger, Andy Kelly, Jeremy Sonnenberg

Carnival: Matt Moore, Casey Christensen, Karla Lindquist, Travis Schauer

Premium Books, Commercial Exhibits & Advertising: Steve Splonskowski, Brant Bigger, Karla Lindquist, Matt Thompson

Off-Season Ground Care, Rent & Improvements: Mike Ullmer, Matt Moore, Jeremy Sonnenberg, Travis Schauer, Matt Thompson

Gambling: Sharon Leegard, Brant Bigger, Karla Lindquist

Building & Fundraising: Kurt Hoban, Brant Bigger, Karla Lindquist, Matt Moore, Steve Splonskowski, Matt Thompson, Mike Ullmer

Personnel & Office: Karla Lindquist, Travis Schauer, Matt Thompson

Entertainment for Grandstand & Big TentSteve Splonskowski, Casey Christensen, Karla Lindquist, Jeremy Sonnenberg, Matt Thompson