The carnival at this year’s fair will be Amusement Attractions.   The carnival will be in operation July 26th-29th.

Just like last year, Amusement Attractions will be using a cashless system for their rides and games. You will need to purchase a reloadable card (or reuse last year’s) and load it with tokens for $1 each. Cash, credit card, debit card, and Apple Pay are accepted to load/re-load the cards. Rides are 3-5 tokens each.
There will be a special kiosk set up to purchase the armband specials Wednesday and Friday.


  • Wednesday, 5 pm to close:  bring 2 food pantry items; get an armband for $20.
  • Thursday 1-5 pm:  $30.00 per armband.
  • Friday 1-5 pm:  3 food pantry items; get 3 armbands for $45. Must buy 3 armbands.
  • Saturday 1-5 pm:  $30.00 per armband.

The midway opens Wednesday at 5 pm and 1 pm other days. It typically closes at midnight but may close earlier because of weather conditions or low attendance.